Top 20 things on a Summer beach bucket list for Seaside and Cannon Beach, OR

We still have more than a month left of Summer, what haven’t you checked off your Summer beach bucket list?

  1. Rent a surrey
  2. Eat saltwater taffy
  3. Build a sandcastle
  4. Watch a sunset at the beach
  5. See the tidepools at Haystack Rock DSCN5732
  6. Walk/run the promenade in Seaside
  7. Go on a hike or nature walk11311610_851141398297666_38787866_n
  8. Visit something with historical significance: Fort Stevens, Flavel houseSeaside Historical Society Museum
  9. Eat clam chowder
  10. Roast s’mores on the beach.  Remember to build your fire west of the vegetation line.  Some more tips here
  11. Visit a bakery.  Try out the Cannon Beach Bakery
  12. Fly a kite
  13. Go crabbing, clamming or fishing
  14. Learn more about Lewis and Clark:  Visit Fort Clatsop, or hike the Fort to Sea Trail, or  visit the statue at the turnaround on the promenade in Seaside
  15. Play frisbee, soccer or volleyball on the beach
  16. Body board, boogie board or go surfingIMG_4721
  17. Kayak or stand up paddle board
  18. Go to a farmers market
  19. Visit a restaurant that is new to you
  20. Go shopping

What else would you add?