Fort Stevens Military History

Covering the most North Western piece of land in Oregon, Fort Stevens State Park is the perfect place for your next vacation! The park has countless adventures just waiting for you to discover!

This video highlights the military history of the park, and shows a sample of the incredible scenery you’ll see while here. If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, here is a brief summary.

Fort Stevens is a retired military bas that saw active service for 84 years (1863 – 1947) , making it one of the few bases on the West Coast that saw service in the Civil War, World War I and World War II. The military installations at the fort have been preserved, giving you a unique opportunity to view military history from all three wars.

When you visit Fort Stevens, start by touring the old Civil War fort first.

Construction of the Civil War earthen fort began in July of 1863 and was completed April 8, 1865, the day before the Confederacy surrendered at Appomattox. The earthwork was nine sided, shaped like a broad arrowhead, and completely surrounded by a moat. Built to contain 43 guns, only 26 were ever mounted. Some of those guns still remain outside the fort.

To learn even more about Civil War history at the fort, visit during the annual Civil War Reenactment! Put on by hundreds of Civil War enthusiasts, the event is a great way to learn more about the war and the part Fort Stevens played in it. The pretend soldiers are very friendly, and more than willing to share their knowledge with all comers.

Next, move on to the World War I and II military forts.

Much more extensive than the Civil War fortifications, these forts dominate the landscape of Fort Stevens.

These forts were specially constructed and highly specialized for various duties, such as serving as electrical generating stations, gun batteries, ammo depots and more.

You’ll have a blast as you tour each fort and read the informative signs to help you learn about their functions.

Finish with a visit to the museum.

To help you learn more about Fort Stevens, there is a wonderful museum on site with displays and information on all three wars.

When you visit make sure to bring good walking shoes, a rain jacket, a camera and a lunch.

To have Fort Stevens all to yourself, come during the winter! We offer discounted rates for wintertime visitors at all four of our locations.

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