Short Sand Beach – Oswald West State Park

Short Sand Beach at Oswald West State Park is a beach that has something for everyone to enjoy! This video provides a brief guide to the top things you should do while visiting Short Sand Beach, tells you what you need to know to be prepared to enjoy the beach fully and shows a sample of the incredible scenery you’ll see while there. If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, here is a brief summary.

Located in Oswald West State Park, Short Sand Beach is a beautiful secluded beach that has to be on your list of places to visit. With surfing, hiking, exploring or just a comfortable day of playing at the beach, there is someone for everyone to enjoy.And since the beach is only an one hour and 40 minutes from Portland, and just 20 minutes from Seaside it won’t take you long to get there!
Here are some of our favorite things to do while visiting Short Sands.
  • Surfing – Surfers of all levels can enjoy the waves here. The beach is only a quarter mile hike from the parking lot making it easy to carry your board down and then enjoy the waves.
  • Hiking – The quarter mile hike down to the beach is a spectacular journey through massive trees and thick greenery, but it’s only the beginning of the hikes you can do. There are miles and miles of great hiking trails through beautiful old growth forests starting from here that lead to stunning views of the ocean.
  • Exploring – From the awesome trees along the trail to the beach, to the waterfall at the north end of the beach and the tide pools and caves at the south end, you’ll never run out of awesome things to explore here!
  • Playing – The beach is perfect for soccer, football, Frisbee and just playing with your kids and dog in general. So bring friends, family, toys and your pets!
Here’s another great hint: to have the beach all to yourself, come in the winter!
If you’re in the Cannon Beach, Seaside area, this is one of the best things to do around here. We hope to see you at the beach soon!