So the holidays are over, the kids back in school and you back in your cubicle, or office if you’re lucky.

There was traffic on the way to work and there will be traffic on the way home. Maybe you’ll see the mountains in the distance, on a clear day, but usually you’re surrounded by the concrete jungle longing for escape. How long till summer vacation?

Summer vacation… that’s right. When oftentimes the spot you’re visiting is even more crowded than the place you left. Add the fact that the room rates are double, the campsites so crowded it feels like you’re at Woodstock, not “the great outdoors” and parking is even worse than it is in the city.

Don’t despair. The answer to your problems is simpler than you think.

Visit the coast during the winter.

IMG_2059 2That’s right. Visiting the North Oregon Coast during the winter is one of the best ways to find solitude, discounted hotel rates and escape from the daily grind of the city. is here to help make that trip easier. Here are 3 ideas of great activities you can do all year long. Do them in the winter and you’re likely to have them all to yourselves!

1. Come check out Stormy Seas on the Coast –  While everyone may think of bright sunny days when they visit the beach, some of the best days to see the mighty Pacific Ocean at its most powerful are the stormy ones during the winter! The coast is lined with great beaches from Short Sand Beach on the south to the Beaches of Fort Stevens on the north. Spend a stormy day visiting them all!


2. Come do Great Winter Hikes –  There are multiple well maintained trails on the North Oregon Coast that see little traffic during the winter. Here are three of our favorites:

  1. Tillamook Head – Finishes with spectacular views of the Terrible Tilly Lighthouse!
  2. Crescent Beach Trail – A beautiful hike that finishes on a secluded stretch of beach in Ecola State Park.
  3. Trails at Fort Clatsop – Choose from miles of beautiful trails where Lewis and Clark spent their winter on the coast!


3. Surf the Waves –  Although the waves here are bigger during the winter, we know that’s what many of you are after! And even if you’re not a skilled surfer yet, there are still many places you can go to find smaller waves, such as Indian Beach in Ecola State Park. Best of all, if you come during the winter you’ll probably have the beach, the waves and great surfing instructors mostly to yourself! Worried about cold water? Well, the water here is cold all year long but with a wet suit you won’t even think twice about it. Check out Short Sand Beach too, usually a very crowded surf spot, in the winter it will be all yours!


What else can we do to make your visit to the coast great? Check out the many links here at for more great ways to enjoy your stay! And, make sure to visit to find great, winter time rates on the best rooms on the coast! We hope to see you out of the office and at the coast soon!

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