Covering the most North Western piece of land in Oregon, Fort Stevens State Park is the perfect place for your family’s next vacation! The park has countless adventures just waiting for you to discover!

This video shows our favorite family fun adventures at the park, and a sample of the incredible scenery you’ll see while here. If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, here is a brief summary.

Family Fun Adventures at Fort Stevens

Visit the Peter Iredale Shipwreck

On October 25th 1906 a four masted steel hulled ship named the Peter Iredale ran aground on a sandy stretch of beach named Clatsop Spit while trying to make the difficult entrance to the Columbia River. Today the wreckage of the Peter Iredale is still visible at Peter Iredale Beach in Fort Stevens State Park.

Some of our favorite things to do at Peter Iredale beach are:

  • Explore the wreck
  • Drive down and relax on the beach
  • Build a fire and cook out
  • Take pictures of the sunset silhouetted behind the wreck

Swim, Fish, Paddle and Hike at Coffenbury Lake

Coffenbury Lake is a picturesque lake less than a mile from the beach. If the water is too cold for you at the beach, come swim, fish or paddle at the lake instead!
There is a short hike that goes around the lake. And lots of available picnic sites, making it the perfect place to spend your afternoon!

Bike or Hike the Trails of Fort Stevens

Fort Stevens covers 4,300 acres (6.7 square miles) and has all sorts of different environments for you to explore.
With 9 miles of paved trails and 6 miles of unpaved trails, there is more than enough to keep you busy. From deep dark forests full of moss and mushrooms, to long stretches of grassy hilled beaches, to tidal wetlands, you’ll find adventure on every trail!
We love taking our bikes and rollerblades on the paved trails.
Be aware that some of the unpaved trails do flood in the winter.

Go to North Jetty

Built at the North-Western most tip of Oregon, North Jetty helps protect the entrance to the Columbia River. There is a great platform you can climb to view the jetty and the waves crashing against it.
You can hike out on the jetty if you wish, but be careful! The rock are big, uneven and the waves do crash over the jetty sometimes! Do not venture out on the jetty when it’s stormy. People have been washed off before!

Explore the old military forts

The Northern end of Fort Stevens is covered in old military forts from the Civil War, World War I and World War II. In fact, the state park gets its name from the military base “Fort Stevens,” that used to occupy this area.
Take your kids on a historical walk through the old military installations for a great afternoon! Then visit the museum to learn more about how this area played an active part in three US wars.

Lastly, you can camp at the park

There are cabins for rent
Yurts for rent
Plus RV and tent sites available

Not want to camp out? Come stay with us instead!

We have four great properties to choose from!

Please watch our other great videos about more things to do at Fort Stevens State Park!

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We hope to see you at Fort Stevens soon!

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